Defend Public Education – No to the 8% Fee Increase

Posted: November 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

Dear Students,
As you may or may not be aware, the UC Regents will decide on Wednesday November 17, 2010 if they will increase student tuition fees by 8%. While education costs are increasing, student resources are decreasing. For this reason, concerned students at UC Davis have gather together to demand administration at UC Davis to address the following list of demands. Furthermore, to make students aware of the demands, there will be a gathering on Thursday November 18, 2010. During this event there will be speakers and t-shirt silk-screening (please bring your t-shirt). Once again, these are the students’ demands:

1. No to the 8% increase

2. Fully fund the WRRC’s Joy Fergoda Library
-Due to lack of funding, the library will be shut down by the end of the school year

3. T.A. contracts must be extended permanently reflecting T.A.’s demands
[Update: T.A.’s and their union UAW have settled an agreement with the university]
-T.A.’s are in the process of renewing their contract. The T.A.s are demanding a fair pay and better benefits.

4. All outside corporations at UC Davis must fund full ride scholarships for AB540 students in order to operate on campus.
-UC Davis allows for big corporations to come onto campus and make billions of dollars off of students. AB 540 students are hurt the most during these tuition fee increases because they must fully fund their education without financial aid and without being able to “legally” work. This demand requires for these on-campus corporations to have to fund AB 540 scholarships as a requirement to be on-campus.

5. Financial Aid Office (Front Desk) must be open from 9-5pm, Monday- Friday, for student support services. In addition, the phone call cap must be eliminated.
-Currently the Financial Aid Office is open from 10-2pm M-F and could only answer 200 calls per day. The Financial Aid Office must service the students during normal university hours to ensure that finances are not an obstacle to students’ education.

6. Have University and City of Davis officials review leasing contract policies that conflict with financial aid distribution.
-Students are expected to pay rent on September 1st regardless of their financial situation. We are asking for administration to work with the City of Davis to create a housing contract policy that will allow students to not have to pay rent until financial aid has been distributed.

7. Have UC Davis officials pressure the UC Regents to appoint a peer elected student representative per campus to be a voting member of the UC Regents.
-Currently there is only one UC student representative for the entire UC system while the majority of the other 18 Regent members are CEOs of major corporations which are one of the reasoning for the privatization of the UC system. We need more student representation in a system of education where the interests of the students are met and not the interest of the people running the UC system.


People of Color Unite


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