Letter to UC Davis Administration

Posted: November 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

To University of California, Davis administration,

This letter is in regards to your consistent failure to fully support UC Davis students both on campus and at the UC Regents table. Last year was a year of constant struggle between students and administration due to the administration caring more about your salaries and bonuses and caring less about affordable education for each and every student at UC Davis. One of the solutions on the administration’s side was to work with the state and the Regents in order to provide students with an affordable education, but that false promise is another reason why we cannot take this anymore. As if a 32% fee increase were not enough, the UC Regents are proposing an additional 8% fee increase UC-wide. Furthermore, injustices are occurring every day at the UC Davis campus and we demand that the administration listen to our concerns and that progress be made in order to fully provide each UC Davis student a quality education that we deserve.

As a result of failure of the UC Davis and UC system administration to provide students with an affordable education, a list of demands has been created and a rally has been scheduled for Tuesday, November 16 at 12PM in the Quad with the goal of raising the awareness and consciousness of the greater student body to the threats perpetrated by current UC Davis and UC system to the students on this campus. We expect that you will join us at our rally to schedule a meeting with Chancellor Katehi and other UC Davis administrators to discuss our demands pertaining to our campus and to vow to stand up for students and advocate for us at the upcoming Regents meeting on the following day. Please be advised that the failure of university administration to schedule a meeting will result in further action. The following are the list of demands that we expect you all to follow through on immediately.


*No to the 8% increase
*Fully fund WRRC- Save the Joy Fergoda Library
*Negotiate fair TA contracts
*All outside corporations at UC Davis must fund full ride scholarships for AB540 students in order to operate on campus.
*Financial Aid Office (Front Desk) must be open from 9-5pm, Monday- Friday, for student support services.n addition, the phone call cap must be eliminated.
*Have University and City of Davis officials review leasing contract policies that conflict with financial aid distribution.
*Have UC Davis officials pressure the UC Regents to appoint a peer elected student representative per campus to be a voting member of the UC Regents.


People of Color Unite


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