AB540 Task Force update

Posted: December 7, 2010 in AB540

The following is an excerpt from a letter by Chancellor Katehi inviting students, grad students, and campus officials to serve on the AB540 Task Force which will begin as soon as winter quarter starts.   The official document was not uploaded in order to protect the identity of some of the individuals so that we can prevent any coercion, negative influence, intimidation, and to protect their safety as it is a touchy subject.  If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please leave a comment or contact People of Color Unite! at peopleofcolorunite@gmail.com.

Begin excerpt:

“Dear Colleagues and Students,

I am writing to invite you to serve on a newly formed Task Force on AB540 Students which will focus on the needs of unauthorized immigrant students.  As you all know, undocumented students represent a highly vulnerable population at the University of California.  Given the recent increase in student fees and the lack of federal and state legislative movement on the DREAM Act, these students face unprecedented challenges as UC students.

Vice Chancellor Fred Wood and Assistant Vice Chancellor Griselda Castro will co-chair the Task Force.

I charge the group with three tasks:

1.  Identify the support service needs for undocumented students at UC Davis;

2.  Make recommendations on the resources and staff/peer training options needed to support undocumented students while navigating legal restrictions;

3.  Make recommendations on the best way to disseminate resource information to students.

Your work on this task force is extremely important to the success of this initiative and I thank you for undertaking this important task…………


Linda P.B. Katehi


End excerpt.

Remember that we all fought for this last Spring during the Ethnic and Gender Studies rallies so everyone should have a say in this.  So please write to us and let us know what’s up.  The venue for change for undocumented AB540 students has been set, now we need to ensure that the goals of last year’s movement are met.

P.S.  Check in after finals for an update on this quarter’s movement, where we’re all at, where we’re moving, and what has been accomplished and what hasn’t been met.  Also, bookmark this page and send out the link to EVERYONE!


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