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Hello everyone, we are going to try keep this blog updated.  We apologize for not updating this particular blog, but the following is a statement that we sent out to various list serves after a meeting with Chancellor Katehi and Dean Owens.

“As was promised to us from administration, we were able to set up a meeting and have a conversation with them regarding our demands and the various issues that are taking place within Hart Hall. A group of students from our community met with administration yesterday, and we were able to bring up student concerns regarding the changes and lack of support for our Ethnic and Gender studies programs as well as the lack of support for AB540 students on campus. We had a productive conversation and offered our recommendations. We hope that change takes place and that our demands are met in a timely manner.

The Chancellor said she will be looking into the budget and looking into the allocation of funds. In addition, Fred Wood, the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs will be contacting students during the summer to begin conversations with forming a task force of student/faculty/staff that will work with the implementation of academic support for AB540 students as well as the possibility of having a resource space for AB540 students on campus. More conversation dealing with FTE’s (full time equivalent) professors for the Ethnic and Gender Studies programs/departments as well as the allocation of space for these programs/departments will continue. As soon as we receive more information, we will relay it back to you.”


Hello, beautiful people!

Thank you to everyone who came out to support us today!!! We just wanted to post a quick recap of the day’s events…

We started out with unveiling our banner from the second floor of Hart Hall and rallying everyone around the side of the building facing Wellman Hall at 12 noon. We then gave a brief statement about the purpose of the rally and then opened it up to public comments and also presented our list of demands as well as the letter we drafted to Dean Owens for the community.

After it came to our attention that despite having received the letter and inviting her to come and dialogue with us at the rally, she neglected to attend. So, we decided to pay her a visit instead. We marched from Hart Hall through the Quad and MU to the Letters and Science Administration Building, which houses Dean Owen’s office.

When we arrived at the Dean’s office, she was waiting for us at the door. She had our list of demands as well as our letter in hand. Just to make sure she was fully aware of the content of our list of demands, we read them once again. Apparently, the pressure was too much to handle because Dean Owens not only didn’t address any of our concerns, but retreated to her office where she proceeded to lock herself inside. Yes. Amazingly, she ran away from us right in front of the news cameras. Not only did she run away, but she tried to scare us away by calling the cops on our peaceful demonstration. Obviously, we weren’t breaking any laws… it was just a tactic to try and get people to leave. As students we have a right to be in that space, a RIGHT to ask questions, and a RIGHT to hold administration accountable.

We made it abundantly clear that all we wanted was a meeting with both Dean Owens and Chancellor Katehi to discuss our concerns. The secretary and other representatives for the dean claimed that we were asking for too much. Too much to coordinate schedules…. ISN’T THAT THEIR JOB?

Moments later… Griselda Castro and a Vice Chancellor pop into the lobby of the dean’s office where we are all congregated — Chancellor Katehi’s appointment book in hand. They go inside to talk to Dean Owens, and come out telling us that they need a week to coordinate schedules, set up a meeting, etc., etc. and could not give us information right that second. In the spirit of mutual respect, we decided to give them the benefit of the doubt. We were given contact information, and made an agreement that if no concrete plans are made by Tuesday, June 1st then there will be more student actions.

We shall see….


Letter to Dean Owens

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Dean Owens,

This letter is in regards to your consistent failure to fully support the ethnic and gender studies departments and programs under your administration at the University of California, Davis.

While you have stated and continue to maintain that you act as an advocate for underrepresented and marginalized students on campus, your actions have said otherwise. For example, you have claimed that the ethnic and gender studies departments and programs are not at risk of being consolidated into a single department. At the same time, you have, in your official capacity as dean, been planning for the merging of the duties of administrative staff in Hart Hall. This is the first step to the stripping of distinctive community identities and amalgamation of the various, unique ethnic and gender studies departments and programs into a single department.

While it is understandable that the current economy has necessitated tough budget cuts, these cuts have disproportionately affected historically underrepresented and marginalized communities on campus. Since you have assumed your position over five years ago, the ethnic and gender studies departments and programs here in Davis have had their operating budgets drastically slashed and faculty and staff positions have not been sustained. You have made many of these decisions BEFORE the economic downturn. Your utilization of the economic budget crisis as a scapegoat to justify the decline in funding and reduction in the allocation of resources to ethnic and gender studies departments and programs on campus is NOT ACCEPTABLE. It is important for you to note that the marginalized communities on campus refuse to stand by while you continue to make decisions that have had, are having and will have severe, adverse effects on ethnic and gender studies departments and programs on campus.

As a result of the actions you have taken while appointed as dean, a list of demands has been created and a rally has been scheduled for Wednesday, May 26 at 12PM in front of Hart Hall with the goal of raising the awareness and consciousness of the greater student body to the threats perpetrated by current university administration to underrepresented students here on campus. We expect that you will join us to schedule a meeting with yourself and Chancellor Katehi to discuss our demands. Please be advised that the failure of university administration to schedule a meeting will result in further action. Please also find a list of our demands attached.


List of Demands

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Contact: peopleofcolorunite@gmail.com



A group of concerned students have come together on the UC Davis campus to bring attention to the fact that The College of Letters and Science has been cutting funding for the Hart Hall Programs and Departments for years prior to the economic meltdown and is now using the recent budget cuts as an excuse to further weaken these valuable programs. Even though Chican@, African American, Asian American, Native American and Women and Gender Studies have been present on our campus for more than 40 years, we are currently facing the risk of being systematically dismantled and homogenized into a single ethnic studies program.

Since the inception of these departments, which are a direct result of student activism of the 1960’s Civil Rights Movement, we have been constantly under attack. The budget cuts and student fee increases on this campus have disproportionately affected underrepresented students. For example, astonishingly, the Chican@ Studies Department currently has an annual operating budget of a mere $1,000 funded through the University, while the same program at UC Irvine receives $30,000. The bottom line is that the UCD administration fails to realize the importance of our various programs and departments. Our classes and departments differ from others on campus as ours not only educate, but also provide a safe space and sense of community for UC Davis students from marginalized communities. The diversity these programs offer also benefit the campus community as a whole because they offer a rich exchange of culture, language, history, perspectives, and experience which better equips all UCD students, regardless of skin color, for life beyond the university.

We stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Arizona who have been victimized by SB 1070 and the current racist legislation banning ethnic studies courses in public schools. It has become abundantly clear that though there has not been a legislative or legal attack on ethnic studies classes in California at this time, our programs are under economic attack. This is effectively, death by a thousand cuts. Now is the time to hold the University accountable.


I <3 Hart Hall!

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Here is a copy of the original news article that appeared the the campus publication, Third World Forum….